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Location: Sunnyvale, CA

VSS Monitoring is a global leader in Network Intelligence Optimization, providing a visionary, systems-approach for optimizing and scaling the connectivity between network switches and the entire network intelligence ecosystem of analytics, inline security, and WAN acceleration tools.

Visionary Approach
VSS Monitoring’s highly scalable network packet broker (NPB) solutions provide superior system-fault tolerance and true modular expansion across all critical performance and security functions that are the central nervous systems of today’s IP networks and data centers. In addition, VSS Monitoring helps control the CAPEX and OPEX related to deployment, utilization and maintenance of a myriad of network & security tools required, particularly as IP convergence grows in size and complexity.

Product Quality
VSS Monitoring designs and manufactures over 180 innovative products to the highest standards. By making network intelligence more scalable, VSS Monitoring makes networks more scalable. This simplifies complexity, increases efficiency and delivers higher ROI in terms of greater, accelerated cost savings.

Global Presence
Since 2003, 1,700+ customers in over 120 countries from the telecom, enterprise, government and financial sectors have benefited from VSS Monitoring’s NPB solutions. The company has the industry’s largest and most knowledgeable team of customer support engineers and re-sellers in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Its products are designed and manufactured in California.

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VSS Monitoring
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