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MyLikes is a social media advertising platform. Social publishers choose to write and recommend sponsored Likes to their audience through their blog, website or Twitter account. Publishers earn money for themselves or a charity of their choice whenever there is a click from a Sponsored Like to the advertiser’s website.
Likes are based on the simple principle that the publisher is the expert when it comes to understanding their audience. Publishers can tailor the Sponsored Like to speak to their audience leading to higher click through rates and superior quality leads for the advertiser. To promote transparency, all publishers have a profile page on MyLikes where all their Likes (some of which maybe Sponsored) along with comments are showcased.
MyLikes has a unique pricing model that incents publishers to be relevant to their audience, gain their trust and increase engagement. We do this by setting the publisher’s cost-per-click based on an an MyLikes quality score that we calculate per publisher and click through rates. The more users like a particular publishers’ content, (sponsored or otherwise), the more they click on it, which in turn increases their cost-per-click. By bringing an analytical and metrics oriented perspective to this space we aim to make social engagement based advertising useful to consumers, publishers and advertisers.
It was originally launched in private beta as Likaholix (

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