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Location: Waltham, MA

Care is a global need without geographic or demographic boundaries. At some point, every person and every family will have care needs, be it for children, seniors, pets or even homes. Our mission is to improve the lives of families and caregivers by helping them connect in a reliable and easy way. Our solutions help families make informed decisions in one of the most important and highly considered aspects of their family life: finding and managing quality care for their loved ones. In providing families a comprehensive marketplace for care, we are also building the largest global destination for quality caregivers to find fulfilling employment and career opportunities. We strive to help our members – families and caregivers – pursue their passions and fulfill the basic human need of caring for each other.

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NYSE: CRCM (Jan-2014)
Main Office
201 Jones Road United States Suite 500
Waltham, MA 02451



Main Office
201 Jones Road United States Suite 500
Waltham, MA 02451

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People Appoints Duncan Robertson To Board Of Directors (Nov-2014)

Tue, Nov 11, 2014 by Spoke Data Intel Share


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Zenobia Moochhala Photo

Zenobia Moochhala

Co-Founder & Vice President, Consumer Marketing
Donna Levin Photo

Donna Levin

Co-Founder & Vice President
Dave Krupinski Photo

Dave Krupinski

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Scott Healy Photo

Scott Healy

Executive Vice President, Marketing & General Manager


Caroline Sheu Photo

Caroline Sheu

Chief Marketing Officer
Executive, Jul-2014
Michael Marty Photo

Michael Marty

VP & GM, Operations, Sales & Business Services
Executive, Jul-2014
John Leahy Photo

John Leahy

Exec VP and CFO
Executive, 2013
Al Zink Photo

Al Zink

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Executive, Apr-2012

Board Members

Duncan Robertson Photo

Duncan Robertson

Chief Financial Officer of OpenTable
Board Member, Nov-2014
Mandy Ginsburg Photo

Mandy Ginsburg

Board Member, Mar-2012
Mandy Ginsberg Photo

Mandy Ginsberg

CEO of The Princeton Review &
Board Member, Mar-2012
Sandy Miller Photo

Sandy Miller

Board of Directors
Board Member

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Jan-2014 * IPO 91M 506M
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Oct-2010 * Early C 20M
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